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7 Keys to Success

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3 Specific Evangelism Techniques

Three Specific Evangelistic Techniques

This Course Presents 3 Different Techniques or Strategies You Can Use
to Lead Someone to Salvation in Christ

1) The Roman Road
2) The 4 Spiritual Laws
3) 5 Steps to Glory and Dominion

Technique 1: The Roman Road

The Roman Road uses scripture verses only from the book of Romans to systematically show someone: 
1) Their personal guilt before God and the consequence of their sin

2) Their need for the Savior that God provided because of His love for them

3) How they can receive this salvation through faith in Christ Jesus

4) The absolute assurance of safety in Christ and the permanence of eternal life when they become born again


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Technique 2: The 4 Spiritual Laws

The 4 Spiritual Laws teaches that just as there are natural laws that govern the physical universe there are also spiritual laws 
which govern our spiritual life and relationship with God. It explains these 4 laws in detail, step by step.


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Technique 3: 5 Steps to Glory and Dominion

This technique uses the concept of Biblical Covenants to explain the Gospel.

In all God's dealings with the Human Race He has always related to us through various Covenants.

A Biblical Covenant is a special agreement between two or more parties where they agree to relate to each other based on very 
specific laws and principles which govern the terms of the agreement.
If any party broke the laws of the Covenant they would face a pre-arranged judgement with the possibility of their actions 
dissolving the Covenant entirely.

In God's first Covenant with mankind, Adam, the first man was created to radiate God's glory and have Dominion (Rulership) 
over God's creation.

He lost God's glory and the right to rule by rebelling against God's authority.
God in His infinite love created a way for mankind to be restored to his rightful position of dominion and glory through a New 
Covenant relationship. 
This New Covenant was established through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and made available to every 
person on earth.


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Introduction  :::  7 Keys to Success  :::  Conclusion